A properly sized collar should allow two fingers to snugly fit between the collar and the dog's neck. 


Collar Size: XS    Length: 9-12"  Width: 3/4" 

Common Breeds in this Range: Jack Russel, Shih Tzu, Cavalier, Italian Greyhound


Collar Size: S   Length: 11.5-14” Width: 3/4”  

Common Breeds in this Range: Boston Terrier, Miniature Australian Shepard


Collar Size: M Length: 14-17” Width: 3/4” 

Common Breeds in this Range: French Bulldog, Pug, Border Collie


Collar Size: L Length: 17-20” Width: 1” 

Common Breeds in this Range: Weimaraner, Husky, Doberman 


Collar Size: XL Length: 20-23 Width: 1” 

Common Breeds in this Range: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, English Bulldog


All leashes are a standard 5.5’ length. 

When purchasing a collar and leash bundle, the 3/4” leash comes with the XS, S, M collar and the 1” leash comes with L and XL.